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How can I apply for a remark?

Enquiry on Results is the process by which candidates ask for one or more test modules to be remarked by experienced Examiners and Senior Clerical Markers. This request is made after the test results have been released and is designed to ensure candidate performance has been accurately assessed.

You can apply for an Enquiry on Results (EOR) through your IELTS account within 6 weeks of the test date. The processing fee is fully refunded if your band score improves.

Candidates are entitled to request a full remark (i.e. all modules) or a partial remark (i.e. one or more modules) of their original results. The following is needed if you want to apply for Enquiry on Results:


Important Notes:

1. Precise Solutions is not involved in this review. All EOR requests are handled entirely and independently by IDP Australia.

2. IDP Australia does not provide feedback on your EOR request, irrespective of the outcome.

3. As a result of an EOR, the scores may go up or stay the same. They will not go down.

4. The EOR decision is final.


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